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Post half term chaos • Carefully Sorted
Hints and tips / APDO, declutter, decluttering, half term, tidy / February 26, 2018

Post half term chaos

Decluttering restores order after an activity-filled half term.

Post half term chaos

Half term can be a difficult time for working parents, many of whom need to take leave or make complicated arrangements to provide child care during what is often a very busy and activity-filled week. Then suddenly it is all over, but it may have left a trail of debris in its wake…

The playroom above belongs to a boy in his early teens and his two primary school age siblings. During half term, they all had groups of friends over to play and a great time was had by all so it is not in the least surprising that the room became so untidy – it was inevitable, and normal!

It looked daunting, but it was in fact mostly surface clutter as the basis of a good storage system was already in place. It took just one of us, working with our client, only two hours to get everything sorted out and the room ship shape.

While tidying up we also set aside books, puzzles and games which the children had outgrown and these have already gone to a local charity shop. We also found hitherto ‘lost’ pieces of Lego sets and missing parts of some games and puzzles.

As this room is near the front door of our client’s house, two hours of concentrated, professionally-led effort gave the entire house a lift; no more rushing to close the door and hide the mess from visitors!


APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers has recently launched Spring Clearing Week (24th-30th March 2018), a week of media activities and events designed to focus on clearing your space, and your head too! If you mark this busy week with some activity of your own, why not consider bringing in professionals to help you tackle the troublesome parts of your home? We think you’ll be amazed at the difference we can make! Get in touch today.

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