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A client's perspective on sorting papers • Carefully Sorted
Hints and tips / APDO, declutter, decluttering, moving, papers, paperwork, relocating, sorting / August 29, 2018

A client’s perspective on sorting papers

Sorting papers: an essential pre-requisite to a stress-free move

Readers of our blogs might recall the work we did with a client who moved from London to a new home at the seaside but wanted to sort and declutter as much as possible before she moved.

As part of phase 1, we put all papers and photographs to one side for our client to sort out at leisure before our next joint session when the three of us worked together on cupboards and wardrobes.

Our client worked hard on her accumulated paperwork and this is what she said:

My name is Lynne and I’m a bit of a hoarder. My first clue was when I found a small tube of Germolene; the expiry date was October 1987!

Actively encouraged by Carefully Sorted to go through paperwork before everything was packed up for my big move, I set aside time specifically to look at papers – one drawer and one box at a time.

In one cabinet I found: all my council tax bills since 1993, a defunct Filofax from 1995 and some notes of a film I wanted to make about women bikers from 1988!

It was an eye opening-exercise and very time consuming.  Just one filing cabinet took me a solid four hours. As this represented only 1/12 of my total paperwork I had to set aside another 40 hours for this task alone as I had to check each piece of paper before consigning it to the recycling or shredding pile…

At the end of the exercise I estimate that I recycled 80% and shredded 19% and was left with an important 1%. I can tell you first hand that forward planning is essential when you are moving home. It is a painful and a joyous activity in equal measure.

Carefully Sorted you are worth every penny and I will be ready for more help from you as soon as I have finished my ‘homework’.


If you are moving home and heed help with sorting, decluttering and packing, why not consider bringing in professional help? We think you’ll be amazed at the difference we can make. Get in touch today.

Carefully Sorted is proud to be a member of APDO The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers.


Originally published by Carefully Sorted on LinkedIn on December 10th 2016.