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Decluttering tips: making money • Carefully Sorted
Hints and tips / APDO, declutter, decluttering, make money / February 17, 2018

Decluttering tips: making money

Decluttering can bring inner calm and make your home easier to manage, but do you know that it can also make you money?

Declutter and make money

When you declutter and sort through your possessions, you will undoubtedly come across items which you could sell on sites like eBay, Gumtree or schpock. For the fashion conscious, Depop is a great platform for selling second hand clothing and accessories.

Selling through these sites takes time and effort, and it can be disappointing when items you love fail to excite much interest, but it can be a way of raising very useful cash.

Our top tips for selling on these sites are:

  1. If you are selling anything electrical or electronic, make sure it is working
  2. If the item came with instructions and you still have, then make sure sellers know the manual is included and perhaps include a photograph of it too
  3. Make sure the item is clean and in good repair.
  4. Do your research. If possible, find out the original price of the item and check to see if anybody else is selling something similar as this will help you pitch at a sensible starting price.
  5. Check posting options carefully and give accurate prices and timescales
  6. Take clear, uncluttered, well-lit photographs showing the item from every angle. Remember to take a photograph of the label of a garment or the serial number on the back of a piece of equipment, as buyers find this information reassuring.
  7. Give as much information as you possibly can: size, material, country of origin, dimensions, capacity, etc. If the item needs batteries, say so and let potential buyers know what type of batteries they will need to get. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to get serious interest. Buyers can be put off if they need to contact you to get more detail.
  8. Keep an eye out for email alerts and answer queries quickly
  9. Make sure you post items promptly
  10. Always give feedback; you are more likely to receive it in return

And just to add to the list, there are two other important things to remember:

  1. Be realistic and make sure you can cope with items not selling or going for less than you hoped
  2. Be diligent in watching out for emails and comments from buyers – it really doesn’t work if you upload your item and only check back on progress a week later.

We hope we haven’t just put you off selling your hoard of decluttered items because there is money to be made! Here are some texts we have received from happy clients:

‘Blimey, you weren’t wrong about those wine glasses. Loading to eBay right now!’

‘I had a mini bidding war over those little glass ramekins – which came free with lovely puddings! Happy days!’

‘Who would have known that the hideous clock would prove so desirable?’


If you need help with sorting and decluttering tasks, why not consider bringing in professional help? We think you’ll be amazed at the difference we can make. Get in touch today.

Carefully Sorted is proud to be a member of The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers.


Originally published by Carefully Sorted on LinkedIn on December 5th 2017