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Decluttering tips: Bathroom blitz

Starting your day in a cluttered bathroom doesn’t get you off to a particularly good start. 5 minutes spent decluttering can make all the difference.

5 minute bathroom blitz

Many of our clients tell us that clutter makes them feel irritable and anxious so it is fair to say that starting your day in a cluttered bathroom doesn’t get you off to a particularly good start.

Just five minutes spent straightening out your bathroom can help you get your day off to a more tranquil start.

The photo above shows a typical bathroom shelf crammed with a variety of toiletries – not the most appealing sight first thing in the morning.

It really took only a few minutes to make a real difference. I found several products that were years out of date, so they went straight in the bin. I zipped up the makeup bag, put the tops on bottles and grouped related products together – leaving items used everyday on the shelf, and putting others back in the bathroom cabinet where they belonged. Then all I needed to do was wipe down the shelf, straighten the towels and there we had it, a significantly less cluttered space.

And here we have the ‘after’ photo – so much better, isn’t it? A few minutes spent decluttering can lift your mood. Why not give it a try?


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Originally published by Carefully Sorted on LinkedIn on September 29th 2016