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Careful folding maximises space • Carefully Sorted
Hints and tips / APDO, folding, Konmari method, Marie Kondo, maximise space, neat, storage / February 18, 2018

Careful folding maximises space

Short of space? Try using Marie Kondo’s folding technique to maximise your storage space.

Careful folding maximises space

This week I was working with a client who has moved in to a delightful two-up, two-down terraced house just outside London. Amongst many other activities, my client loves fashion, travel, baking, and a variety of sports. Organising her possessions in her new home is like fitting a quart into a pint pot.

The house needs some work doing to it, so the major unpacking has had to wait. My client has been edging her way round piles of boxes for quite a while, but as each building and repair project is completed, she has been able to start unpacking and sorting.

The house has a back extension and there is a small box room leading off the master bedroom. This room looks out over the garden and has very good light. It is too small to be a comfortable guest room, and the only access is through her own bedroom, so my client is going to make it into her dressing room, a solution that will also create space in her bedroom and keep all her clothes in one place.

The wardrobe can’t be moved into the space until a radiator gets shifted a few inches, but three matching chests of drawers have already been installed neatly down one side of the room and this is where we concentrated our efforts.

Readers of my occasional blogs may remember a piece I wrote last year about finding your own approach to decluttering. In that piece, I described how I had used Marie Kondo’s folding technique to tame a client’s troublesome sock drawer. Keen to maximise space in my current client’s new dressing room, and make everything as compact and easy to find as possible, I decided to use the Konmari folding technique for storing my client’s jeans.

 The result was nine pairs of jeans fitting neatly into a drawer, with room for another couple of pairs too. I find this method works very well with jeans because denim is quite stiff and so the resulting ‘parcel’ holds its shape and stacks well.

I showed my client how to use this particular folding method, and she was thrilled with the neatness of it all. As work on the house progresses we have future sessions planned, but in the meantime there is plenty of time for her to practise this simple space-saving technique.


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Originally published by Carefully Sorted on LinkedIn on March 19th 2017.