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Welcome to Carefully Sorted!

I am Liz Aitken, founder of Carefully Sorted, a London-based service dedicated to helping you organise and declutter your home, your office, your possessions and your collections.

I am non-judgemental and practical and will always work at your pace so that the work we do together has lasting benefits.

I offer a wide range of services, from sorting out a single cupboard to working through an entire house.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation, currently by phone or Zoom, and find this an invaluable part of building trust before embarking on any work.

If you think I could help you, please get in touch.

Carefully Sorted grew out of my experience of helping friends and family tidy and sort their homes and businesses. I have also helped people downsize, prepare for a move and get their homes ready for selling or renting.

I enjoyed a long career spanning the voluntary sector, education and financial services and have highly-developed organisation, people and communication skills.

I have first-hand experience of sorting out my parents’ possessions when they died so I know how difficult it can be to decide what to keep and what to dispose of; I am particularly aware of the sensitivities that follow bereavement.

Carefully Sorted is not about minimalism and throwing things away, but about helping you create a pleasant and manageable environment that you enjoy living in.

Liz Aitken

These combine perfectly with Julia’s customer service, stock management and display experience to provide our clients with a well-balanced range of qualities.

I am a very practical person and really enjoy working with clients to help them find lasting solutions.